Auto-fill Feature for My Bookshelf - Notion

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Auto-filling Bookshelf for the My Bookshelf Notion template

7000+ books auto filled and counting!

A seamless autofill feature for your Notion Reading List

You can use this autofill feature with the My Bookshelf template to:

  • Add your favourite books with Title/ISBN and let our integration auto-fill all the book details for you
  • Get a beautiful cover image for each book
  • Favourite, archive or filter/sort your books
  • Track your yearly progress
    • Books read
    • Pages read
    • Days read
    • Shortest read
    • Longest read
  • Track your progress through each book
  • Save your favourite authors and quotes from your favourite books
  • Rate and add your own personal reviews and notes to your books

How to use:

  1. Get the "My Bookshelf" Notion template and duplicate it to your Notion workspace

    Get My Bookshelf!
  2. Purchase the Auto-fill feature for "My Bookshelf"
  3. Allow the Auto-fill feature access to the duplicated template in your Notion workspace
  4. Enter the Gumroad license key in the duplicated "My Bookshelf" Notion page

A detailed guide on setting up and using the auto-filling bookshelf can be found here.

Do you want to use the Auto-fill feature with your own reading list? Find the instructions here!

Enjoy your auto-filling reading list :)

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Auto-fill Feature for My Bookshelf - Notion

6 ratings
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